Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hales Ales in Seattle is Going Solar

We are extremely excited about one of our next projects which is Hales Ales Brewery in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. It isn't done yet but pretty soon Hales Ales is going to have 16 new Thermomax solar thermal collectors from Net Zero Impact. That's a total of 480 evacuated tubes.

Along with the solar components, Hales Ales is also installing a new boiler system to replace his existing, highly inefficient boiler.

It's a very cool project and we are excited to get to work with such a great local, sustainable brewer like Hales Ales. If you have any questions, please see our Facebook page here and ask any questions you would like.

Thanks for the support!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Al Brewing Company Goes Solar

Fellow Solar Enthusiasts,

Net Zero Impact is proud to announce that Big Al Brewing Company in Seattle's White Center neighborhood has decided to GO SOLAR!!

The micro brewing industry is a popular one here in the Northwest as many of you know. With multiple new breweries popping up every year it's important for existing brewers to set a great example for future generations and Alejandro (Big Al) is the first in the state to set such an example.

With Net Zero Impact's "hybrid" system including a new high efficiency boiler along with 180 evacuated tubes, Big Al is going to save over 50% compared to his previous heating method. The new system is going to give him the ability to double brew vs. his old system which only allowed him to brew once every couple of days. This in turn equals more beer to sell and more money in the long run.

The system is very unique. Obstacles with the existing brewery meant no collectors on the roof, so Big Al voted to have the entire solar hot water system installed on top and inside of a 45 ft. container, 2/3rds of which Big Al will get to use for storage space.  

Big Al Brewing Company was a pleasure to work with. They understand that every industrial process, including brewery operations, requires A LOT of energy. Whether it's making beer or washing down for the next batch, solar hot water makes sense for industrial applications.

To read more, please see our Facebook page, website and the links below to a few different posts about the project. You can also check out some of the photos from the project below.

Thank you,

The Net Zero Impact Team

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Some Photos:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 new schools are up and running with clean technology

Net Zero Impact just recently completed 2 new schools in the Seattle area. St. Edward and St. Paul. Both schools decided to install 8 Kingspan Solar evacuated tube collectors for a total of 240 evacuated tubes at each school.

Along with the 240 tubes, each school also installed brand new boilers to increase the efficiency of their heating of the school. With the new solar system and the high efficiency boilers, the school will save around $400,000 - $450,000 over the lifetime of the solar tubes.

Below are a couple of photos of each of the schools. Also feel free to check out our website and the Press Release for these projects located HERE.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Great Release about our Bham project

Check out this Press Release from our Bellingham, WA project for Opportunity Council and one of their apartment complexes. This project between Net Zero Impact and Opportunity Council was made possible by the great folks at Favinger Plumbing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Komo News Site

Have you checked our our Komo News page yet? It's pretty awesome and you will be able to find all sorts of goodies on there...COUPONS!!

And don't forget to check out our webpage. We are constantly updating the page and trying to add recent photos from recent projects. If there is anything else you want to see on the page let us know. We are always open to suggestions.

Also, if you happen to know anyone interested in solar have them give us a call. Even if it's a technology we don't carry we are happy to talk with them about their options.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our brand new blog!

We are excited to have yet another opportunity to tell you all about our new projects and keep you up to date on already completed ones. Blogging is a new adventure for us so we hope you will be patient as we continue to edit our blog and keep it as up to date as possible. We plan to update the blog every other week so keep a lookout.

You can also find us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Net-Zero-Impact/136154093065429

At Net Zero Impact (www.netzeroimpact.com) we strive to find the best and most cost effective ways to work with residential and commercial customers to install a solar technology that actually works in the Northwest, solar hot water from Kingspan Solar. It's not always easy since folks in the Northwest still question the viability of solar, but that is slowly starting to change. We are always looking for new ways and new places to use solar thermal technology and would love to hear some of your suggestions.

Feel free to give us a call, send us an email or be our friend on Facebook. If we all stick together maybe, just maybe, we can stop this whole global warming thing!

Net Zero Impact