Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Al Brewing Company Goes Solar

Fellow Solar Enthusiasts,

Net Zero Impact is proud to announce that Big Al Brewing Company in Seattle's White Center neighborhood has decided to GO SOLAR!!

The micro brewing industry is a popular one here in the Northwest as many of you know. With multiple new breweries popping up every year it's important for existing brewers to set a great example for future generations and Alejandro (Big Al) is the first in the state to set such an example.

With Net Zero Impact's "hybrid" system including a new high efficiency boiler along with 180 evacuated tubes, Big Al is going to save over 50% compared to his previous heating method. The new system is going to give him the ability to double brew vs. his old system which only allowed him to brew once every couple of days. This in turn equals more beer to sell and more money in the long run.

The system is very unique. Obstacles with the existing brewery meant no collectors on the roof, so Big Al voted to have the entire solar hot water system installed on top and inside of a 45 ft. container, 2/3rds of which Big Al will get to use for storage space.  

Big Al Brewing Company was a pleasure to work with. They understand that every industrial process, including brewery operations, requires A LOT of energy. Whether it's making beer or washing down for the next batch, solar hot water makes sense for industrial applications.

To read more, please see our Facebook page, website and the links below to a few different posts about the project. You can also check out some of the photos from the project below.

Thank you,

The Net Zero Impact Team

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